How to Play Roulette at Social Casinos

Our Super Simple Quick Start Guide to Spinning Success
Roulette Guide

For those looking to play their first game of the casino classic “Roulette” at any one of the social casino’s we have reviewed & featured on this site, our in-house table games expert (Robin) is back again with our quick start guide to get you up and running .

As with all our guides, this is by no-means a comprehensive guide, but something useful for entry level/newbie players looking to have their first spins on the roulette wheels. So, let’s roll into the basics of playing roulette online, where the stakes are virtual but the enjoyment is real.

Understanding Roulette: The Basics

Roulette is a game of chance that involves a spinning wheel and a small ball. The goal? To guess where the ball will land. It sounds simple, but there’s a bit more to it.

The Roulette Wheel

The roulette wheel is divided into numbered pockets, ranging from 0 to 36. If you’re playing the American version, you’ll also find a ’00’ pocket, which is not exactly a crowd favorite due to its extra house edge.

Types of Bets

You can place a variety of bets, grouped into two main categories:

  1. Inside Bets: These are bets placed on specific numbers or small groups of numbers. They offer higher payouts but lower odds of winning. So, if you’re feeling lucky, these are your go-to bets.
  2. Outside Bets: These include larger groups of numbers, colors (red or black), or whether the number is odd or even. They offer better odds but smaller payouts. It’s like choosing a safe path on a treasure map – less risk, but less gold at the end.

Getting Started with Roulette at Social Casinos

Choosing the Right Social Casino

Look for a social casino that offers a variety of roulette games and has a friendly user interface. Bonus points if they have a chat feature – because what’s roulette without a bit of table banter?

Make sure to review our current list of the best online social casinos. We have applied our unique scoring system to 6 individual elements of each operator we review. This should help you find one suitable for you.

Virtual Chips: Your New Best Friends

In social casinos, you play with virtual chips known as gold coins. They hold no real monetary value, but they’re your ticket to the game. Treat them like your favorite pet – valuable, even if they can’t be cashed in. Saying that, there has been many times when I have considered trying to cash in my pet pooch) 🐕

Playing Roulette: The Process

  • The Bet: Place your virtual chips on the table to indicate your bet. Feeling bold? Go for a single number. Prefer playing it safe? Bet on red or black.
  • The Spin: Once all bets are placed, the wheel spins. This is the moment where you pretend to have psychic powers and predict where the ball will land.
  • The Outcome: If the ball lands on your number or color, congratulations! You’ve won virtual chips. If not, don’t worry. The only thing you’re losing is virtual currency, and pride, but mostly just virtual currency.

Tips for Roulette Beginners

  • Start Small: Begin with small bets and outside bets. They may not make you a virtual millionaire, but they’ll give you more playtime and a feel for the game.
  • Spread Your Bets: (Yeah – ever wondered where that saying came from?) Don’t put all your virtual chips in one basket. Spread them out across different bets to increase your chances of winning something.
  • Play for Fun, Not Just Wins: Remember, in social casinos, the goal is to have fun. Winning is just the cherry on top of the entertainment sundae.
  • Learn from Each Spin: Every spin is an opportunity to learn. Pay attention to the outcomes and adjust your bets accordingly.

Roulette Etiquette in Social Casinos

Good manners go a long way, even online. Be respectful in the chat, don’t spam, and celebrate your wins with humility – no one likes a virtual show-off.

The Social Side of Social Casino Roulette

Engage with other players, join roulette groups, and share your experiences. Social casinos are as much about making virtual friends as they are about playing.

Play for free and keep it fun with any of these Social Casinos…